My story is your story

In mid-2015, already about three years into my trading journey, with countless hours of screen time and self-study on the clock, having experienced a few brief moments of glory and many lingering periods of frustration and confusion, I was still where you might be right now - having a solid trading knowledge base and a good grasp of various trading techniques, yet still desperately looking for that one strategy that would finally open the door to consistent growth.


It was around that time that I started experimenting with hedging and other trade management concepts, such as averaging up and down, progressive lot sizing and martingale. That path turned out to be the right one to lead me to the land of trading consistency.

After a few more months of playing with ideas, fine-tuning and finally having a bespoke suite of tools coded, the present form of my strategy was born, and the rest is history. 


Encouraged by 1 year of unwaveringly consistent results, I started a trade copy service in September 2017 to share my success with others.

Over a year on, I am still here, making it possible for quite a few people from all over the world to enjoy extra income every month.

If copy trading sounds like your cup of tea, check out the offer here.


Otherwise, grab your copy of Forex Stream Hedge strategy from this site and trade along with me. 

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